County Council elections: volunteers required

By 2030 the UK has to achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Transport is a significant contributor to emissions, and most journeys are local. That is why local authorities like Durham County Council have a key role to play in enabling people to use more sustainable modes of transport, particularly walking, cycling and public transport. The council elections in May will elect the councillors who will serve until 2025. If we elect councillors who do not see the urgency of tackling transport issues, then we will have wasted half of the years available, and it will make achieving the reductions in time almost impossible.

Trust Pathways is therefore preparing a short set of questions which we can put to candidates in the election. We will publish their answers on our web site, so that voters are better informed about the attitudes of their potential county councillors.

What you can do

We need volunteers in each electoral division who will commit themselves to contacting all the candidates and seeking answers to the questions. Please see the map below to work out which division you live in, and whether we already have enough volunteers. If not, please sign up!

The map shows each electoral division shaded according to the colour scheme:

  • red: no volunteers yet
  • amber: only one volunteer
  • green: we have enough volunteers thank you!

If there are enough volunteers in your electoral division already, you can still help in several ways:

  • if you know people who live in an area without enough volunteers yet, please point them to this page
  • you can write to your candidates saying that you are keen to hear their answers to the Trust Pathways questions
  • you can publicise the page on social media and in any groups that you belong to, so that people come to see the responses from the candidates.

You can zoom in using the + button or a scroll mouse. When you have found your electoral division, click to see the name.

If you would like to volunteer for this activity, please sign up by following this link.